Restaurants App

Restaurants App

We were thrilled when Food & Drink Guides asked us to rebuild their app. They needed to bring the old one up to date with their  brand identity, as well as provide some significant speed and user interface improvements.

The app provides users with professional reviews of nearby restaurants and allows them to refine their search by category. This means users can take advantage of their mobile device GPS data rather than relying on working out a nearby search term on the website.

We worked with F&D to analyse what was wrong with the existing app, and produced a prototype incorporating all of the necessary features and a totally rebuilt search feature, which has reduced search times by a factor of around 100, averaging now at around 2 seconds for a search.

The new app is available on the App Store and on the Play Store, if you search for “Restaurants Food and Drink Guide”.

A quote from Sam about the app will go here. It’ll say how we built it or something.

Sam Collins, Director, Food & Drink Guides