Let’s Work Together


We’re a digital agency based in Sheffield, UK. We have over 7 years of experience working with SMEs, non-profits, charities and community groups to help with their digital presence.

We’re often told that we “get it”. We can speak “geek” and “customer” and translate between the two. We connect our client’s ideas with technical solutions that work for them and their intended audience.

We’re comfortable using a wide range of technologies and platforms, and have produced a variety of websites ranging from basic, informative sites, to social platforms, CRMs, and e-commerce solutions. Recently, we’ve started making iOS and Android mobile apps, too.

Many of our clients take advantage of our ongoing support and hosting service – meaning you only have one phone call to make when something needs changing or isn’t working as you’d expect. We take care of around 70 websites, and our hosting is carbon neutral.

Our Values

How we do things matters to us a lot. We’ve built our business around the core values of: co-operation, social good, environment and quality.


At Southmedia, we focus our energy on the technical development of a project, and work with a team of associates to compliment our skills where necessary for a project.This means we can focus on doing what we do really well.

We have strong, established relationships with a variety of graphic designers, developers, copy writers and marketers who help us to ensure we deliver everything a project requires.

Best of all, we manage the team as though it’s our own, so it’s no extra work for our clients.

Social Good

The world around us is polarised, divided and in need of more “social good”. We try to make a positive impact on the world around us through a variety of means.

We ensure that our supply chain is as positive as possible. We try to encourage our clients to use open source technology and privacy-conscious anaytics. We ensure that we don’t buy from companies who have a reputation for low pay or unhealthy working environments. We buy second hand when we can, and we’re ardent supporters and users of Fairphone.

We’re flexible with our rates so that we can accomodate charities, social enterprises, and community causes that otherwise couldn’t afford us. We have a long history of working with small charitable organisations, and starting in 2019 will be using some of our surplus to contribute to causes that matter around the world.

Last but not least, making the web open and accessible is important to us. We encourage all of our clients to cater for those who are less able when scoping out a project, so that we can spend time ensuring their website works well on screen readers, for example.


We’ve only got one world – and we’re using a lot of its fuel to maintain our technology. Southmedia is based in an office space which uses carbon-neutral electricity, and all of our hosting is on carbon-neutral or carbon-positive servers.


Last but not least, we believe in quality. We want to make websites that last, that play nicely with search engine rankings, and which work well no matter what device you’re using.